Securing Your Smile of a Lifetime with dental implants

State-of-the-Art Technology In Your Mouth

Dental implants can save your smile. They are commonly used to replace broken or missing teeth. Sometimes these issues are the result of accidents or sporting injuries. Other times medical conditions can drastically reduce the integrity of your smile. Regardless of the reasons, you require an aesthetic upgrade. Dr. Harrell will have you safely in and out of the dentist chair in no time thanks to his high-level expertise and years of experience.

Dental implants are modern dentistry’s best option for replacing missing teeth. They offer a highly successful, long-lasting, and totally natural-looking substitute that actually becomes part of the jawbone and helps maintain its health. The reason is that the titanium of which dental implants are made has the unique ability to fuse or “osseo-inegrate” with living bone. This osteophilic (“osseo” – bone; “philic” – loving) property was discovered accidentally by a Swedish orthopedic surgeon in 1952. Much research and testing of potential medical uses followed, until the first dental implants became available for clinical use in the 1970s. Many improvements have been made since. There are now more than 40 different types of dental implants, and millions of people worldwide have a better quality of life because of them. More details at Dear Doctor

Don’t Avoid Your Favorite Foods Any Longer

Dental implants are a superior choice in comparison to traditional dentures. Don’t let price be your ultimate determining factor when it comes to overhauling your smile. The longevity of dental implants is unmatched. Most patients enjoy a 98% success rate and never need to have their implants replaced. Traditional dentures do not carry such a long lifespan and can significantly damage your jaw and your gums in the process of daily wear.

Besides the constant pain and friction that comes hand-in-hand with traditional dentures, you will have to learn to eat all over again and become more picky when it comes to food preparation and enjoyment. Save yourself the hassle and opt for dental implants, or you can upgrade your traditional dentures to become implant supported (“snap-in”) dentures.


Single Implants or Full Arches:

Some patients only require a single dental implant to fix that embarrassing gap left by one missing tooth. Meanwhile, others are looking to totally overhaul their smile and enjoy eating and speaking with confidence again with a full implant arch known as an All-on-4. Our comprehensive oral assessment will determine the integrity of your jawbone and what options are best for your needs. We are happy to provide you with a treatment outline and price estimate before any work is done so that you understand every facet of your restoration from the outset.

Why Dental Implants Are Better than Traditional Bridges

You may be aware that dental implants have surpassed traditional dentures in terms of success and patient satisfaction. However, even patients who require replacing one tooth are finding dental implants much better in comparison to traditional bridges of yesterday.

I believe dental implants are often more economical than bridges. They are more conservative, have a high success rate, preserve bone and don’t decay. In my experience, patients choose bridges over implants not because a successful implant isn’t possible, but only because of higher up front cost. Implants are not only the standard of care, but a better value as well. — Paul D. Kantor, DDS, Cleveland

Deciding whether to do a dental implant versus a cemented bridge involves answering several questions. The first questions to answer are, why is the tooth missing and what is the condition of the rest of the mouth?

If you happen to be cavity prone, then dental implants can be a godsend because a dental implant has zero chance of getting a cavity. Likewise, if the neighboring teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are healthy, then it doesn’t make sense to drill them down to make a cemented bridge. Another factor to keep in mind is that any time you make a cemented bridge for a patient you slightly increase the risk of getting a cavity because it becomes more difficult to clean around the bridge than when you have separate teeth. Read more at Real Self

Don’t Trust Your Smile To Anyone But The Best

If you have missing teeth and want to restore your smile, we understand that you probably have questions about dental implants and treatment methods. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Simply contact our office and schedule a free consultation. We will make sure you have all of the pertinent info you need to make an informed decision.